What is The Best Scalp Pigment

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What is The Best Scalp Pigment

The most accurate and precise way to permanently change your hair color is with scalp micropigmentation. This process requires expertise from a certified artist who has mastered delivering the best results using special SMP pigment injections on their patients' scalps, which can be done safely only when performed by an expert in this field like the Art of SMP Team!

Specialized SMP ink is injected with a specialized needle that does not go deeper into the skin. The best scalp artists use 3-point microneedles to make fine markings resembling hair follicles, which measure one fourth inch in size and are just as durable; they won't fade or spread like other types of temporary tattoos do over time because their application process helps prevent absorption by creating thin layers on top instead - this way you can remove more easily without any residue left behind! 

When you get a scalp micropigmentation, the best pigment is not inserted deep into your skin. Rather it's just enough to create an impression on top of what’s already there! You want this color match for both types: light or dark hairs so that its effects last long too- right?

The best SMP inks are those that do not cause allergic reactions. Careful of scalp pigment when choosing a brand; it should also be hypoallergenic so as to avoid any negative effects on sensitive skin such as discoloration or fading over time because of natural ingredients used for production purposes.